The Jean Vorbe Group Foundation is a non-profit organization structured in such a way as to be at the service of the children, youth and adults, men and women living in the poor areas of Haiti.  

The idea came up several years ago in a report produced by Jean Marie Vorbe, CEO of the corporations in the Jean Vorbe Group. The report dealt with the great number of young Haitian people of both genders permanently looking for jobs, in a country where unemployment affects over 70% of the active population and where youth accounts for 50% of it.

Every day, indeed, there are scores of men and women of all ages  looking for jobs in different Jean Vorbe Group corporations, hoping to be recruited as carpenters, masons, unskilled laborers, mechanics, drivers or anything available.

Evidently, whether in V&F Construction, VFM, SOGENER or SOGED, available jobs are not only limited in number but require rather precise qualifications. Clearly, it is not easy to create this much work at the moment for such a great amount of unemployed people, especially in a country where the economic growth is only around 2%. All these people who have not been trained to work in these industries should have the possibility to create their own jobs.

To make it so, Jean Marie Vorbe believes a micro-credit system made of the model of the Gramming Bank of India, adapted to the current Haitian situation, should be developed. In a medium term, the Foundation will address this activity in its program of action.   
The other dimension that was determined in the setting up of this Foundation is that of the potential of riches that every Haitian represents. Indeed, the quality and the creativity present in Haitian handicraft is recognized throughout the Caribbean and beyond. The same can be said of their belief in their own capacity to succeed, whether in sports, education, science, culture or technology. 

For the past few years, The Jean Vorbe Group Foundation has helped a great deal of Haitians to develop their talents, their intelligence and their general know-how while achieving their personal projects. This contributed to the reinforcement of several organizations working in the fields of health, of education, sports, protection of the environment, culture and micro-enterprises as well.